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Liquid Print Water Transfer Imaging Equipment

  • Liquid Print Manual Systems

    Years in development and constant enhancements has established our systems as leaders in the industry. A dipping tank is not just a tank, our equipment takes into account many scenarios that can and will slow you down and diminish the quality of your end product. Our manual systems are faster, more precise, and accurate. No system in the industry compares to the Liquid Print system.

  • Main Control Panel

    Secured lockable cabinet to ensure the safety of your equipment and employees. The panel features a main shutoff switch, audio activation buzzer, automatic water fill control and heater control. The digital heater temperature control and digital timer allow quick control of your system.

  • System Housing

    The entire housing is polished stainless steel with the main control panel mounted out of the operator’s way. A remote control console is located above the main control panel for ease of use. The system is equipped with stainless steel ball vales on the main tank and the heating chamber. Your system is prewired for quick setup and makes installation simple for our customers.

  • Remote Control Panel

    The remote panel is illuminated with LED indicators and allows the operator to control the complete system including Emergency shut down, manual and automatic settings. Water flow and water fill can be set to operate automatically and for added safety, water low and temperature low settings will shut the system down to protect critical components when set to auto mode. Temperature and timers must be pre-set from the main control panel prior to operating.

  • Heating Chamber

    Equipped with two safety float switches and a temperature probe allow the system to shut down in auto mode to protect vital components. Includes a stainless steel high output (220-volt single phase) heating element, and a reusable stainless steel fine wire mesh inlet filter that eliminates any unwanted particles from entering the circulation system and damaging crucial components.

  • Heating Chamber Filter

    Add universal filtering material into the stainless steel cradle to prevent even more unwanted particles from entering the heating chamber. The cradle is removable for easy cleaning and allows access to the heating chamber components.

  • Automatic Fill Control

    The control valve works in conjunction with the float switches within the heating chamber. When the system is on auto and the unit has a constant water supply automatic fill control protects the heating elements by replenishing itself automatically when the system runs low on water saving critical components.

  • Dipping Camber

    Our systems are designed for maximum durability and longevity. The main dipping chamber in our systems is designed with superior structural supports to elevate any expansion which may be caused by water pressure. The push bar on the water circulation system is designed to create the least amount of turbulence possible while the system is operating. This prevents unwanted particles from the previous dip from surfacing and contaminating consecutive dips.

Liquid Print offers a range of water transfer printing equipment from manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic systems to cater our customer's water transfer imaging requirements. For a free consultation on our equipment, you can email us at [email protected] or contact us at (903)­939-3369

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LP-MDT-18 Manual Printing Machine

LP-MDT-22 Manual Printing Machine

LP-MDT-27 Manual Printing Machine

LP-MDT-35 Manual Printing Machine

LP-3DAT-500 Automatic Printing Machine

LP-3DWA-10 Production Washing System

LP 3DWA-27 Tunnel Conveyor Washing System