Liquid Print Presents: Graffiti

Finally, a realistic graffiti pattern.

Sometimes called street art, graffiti can elevate the urban landscape with color and energy. This pioneering new art form can provide cultural value and often is used as a tool for political communication. We just think it looks cool.

The overwhelming clarity of this print must be seen in person.

Our Graffiti water transfer printing film is now available by Liquid Print as a 50 cm wide pattern and designed to go over Liquid Print’s white base paint. CLICK HERE to place your order online or call in your order during business hours.

Liquid Print is the leading North American manufacturer of equipment, supplies, and training for the Water Transfer Printing industry. Liquid Print is the innovator of the industry moving forward in development of operator friendly systems and products. Liquid Print provides films and equipment for manual, semi automatic, and fully automatic systems. We provide stock to high UV resistant ink films depending on our customers needs. We provide film and solvents for any style system; Cubic, constant flow, and manual.

Hydrographic Printing, also know as Water Transfer Printing, allows patterns and designs to be applied to irregularly shaped objects.Any object that can hold a base coat and be safely submerged in water can be dipped. Surfaces such as dashboards, hunting equipment, camouflage items, automotive parts and many others, can be customized with this process. This is same process used by major manufacturers to decorate their products. Simply clean the item, buff it, and apply a base coat. After that, dip it (applying the pattern), rinse, dry and clear coat.