About Liquid Print

Liquid Print has been the innovator in the water transfer, hydrographic printing industry for over 20 years. Liquid Print started with a hands on approach in an industry that had little to know history. Liquid Print was not developed by the help of a YouTube video. Liquid Print has cultivated relationships with its printers and equipment providers in Europe and in Asia for decades. Liquid Print has always strived and delivered the finest quality of hydrographic products and equipment to the water transfer printing industry. If there is something new and better we have it. If we do not there is a reason and it’s not a lack of knowledge.

Liquid Print has been a hydrographic processor and has continued to process products in its facility for years. If you do not have the years of processing experience how do you provide support to your customers who look towards you for answers, simple you can’t.

Decades of Development

Liquid Print has spent years of research developing our own proprietary line of solvents and chemicals. Now, we proudly announce the absolute best quality hydrographic processing chemicals on the market. The Liquid Print brand solvents and clears always produce commercial and above standards in quality and results.

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Training Services

We offer a complete in-house training program. Customers can choose any level of training desired. We can train you on everything from the simple basics of the printing transfer process, to the more advanced procedures possible. We offer instruction on everything involved including prepping, painting, and clear coating. We are available for phone and e-mail support. Further, if on-site support is needed for a processing issue, we offerin-field technicians to resolve challenges. You benefit from their leading industry experience.

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The Liquid Print System

Liquid Print is the leading North American manufacturer of equipment, films and supplies for the Water Transfer Printing Industry. We offer comprehensive in-house training for the complete Water Transfer Printing process. Liquid Print is not only the premier innovator of patterns and designs in the industry, but is continually moving forward in developing operator friendly systems and products. We work closely with designers across the globe to provide exciting, fresh new patterns that are not available anywhere else.

Liquid Print provides the highest caliber of systems, training, and support in the industry. Liquid Print controls all aspects of our products from development and construction, to distribution. Our state of the art equipment comes standard with options found nowhere else. The same high quality and standard options are included in all of our manual systems. Our full automatic, semi automatic, and state of the art rinsing systems are second to none in the industry.

Liquid Print provides films and equipment for manual, semi automatic, and fully automatic systems. We provide both stock print films as well as high UV resistant ink films depending on your needs. Films are available in 50 centimeter, 80 centimeter, and 1 meter. Also up to 1.5 meters special order width. We also provide film and solvents for cubic, constant flow and all manual style systems.

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