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What do I need to get set up in business?

You need a water immersion tank, for starters. Smaller operations can use one of our four different sizes of manual tanks (manual meaning water immersion by hand). The size of the tank is determined by the size of the parts you expect to do. You need training, as well, which we provide. You also will need an open face spray booth for spraying primer, base paints and matte clears. It is also recommended that you have an enclosed spray booth for shooting high gloss clears. We have made specially designed booths that are smaller than traditional car paint booths to reduce the air flow when working with smaller parts, and you can purchase these from us as well. After you're trained, you'll need the water based paints used for this process, activator, film, and clear coats, all of which we provide.

I wonder if there's a market in my area for this process?

Since this process can be used on almost any hard surfaced part, there's always a market for it. This process is used in hundreds of industries, such as automotive customizing, motorcycles, ATVs, marine, custom aircraft manufacturers, hunting and sporting equipment, home decor, restaurant decor, and much more. The list is endless.

Is the process hard to do?

If you're not properly trained, yes, it can be hard to do. Some customers (especially ones who are already into some kind of coating or painting process) want to skip the training. This is not a good idea. This is a process you learn by eye, knowing how much activator to spray on the film, when the film is ready so that you can dip the part, etc. If you haven't been trained, you may not know what is acceptable and what is not acceptable in a finished part. This will put you at a disadvantage with your peers. You might think a part looks fine, but since you don't have a basis of comparison, an experienced processor could look at it and start pointing out flaws you didn't realize were unacceptable. Just a day or two of training alleviates the learning curve a great deal.

Can I come visit you to see what this is all about and how it works?

Certainly, we would love to have you come visit and answer any questions you may have! Next time you're in Flint, Texas Swing by!

Do we have to sign a contract with your company that we won't purchase materials from any other company?

No, we don't believe in controlling our customers' businesses. Of course, we would like for you to purchase all of your materials from us, but if you have a need for a particular film and another company carries it, you should have the right to buy from whom you want. And always please let us know if you're looking for something you don't see on our site, because in many cases we can obtain it, and we're developing new images all the time.

Do I have to purchase a license from you in order to buy your film?

No, again, we don't believe someone should have to pay a licensing fee or be unnecessarily bound in order to do business with us.

Is there a licensing fee or royalties with your branded films, like Predator, Image Country, or God's Country Camo?

No. We don't believe in dictating to our customers what types of parts they can decorate, or charging for a license. There is a small royalty on the branded camouflages, but you can decorate anything you want, no extra expense or hassles. We are developing new non-branded camouflages all the time, as well.

What if I want to build my own tank?

We are a wholesale distributor that sells to professional processors. If you are operating out of a non-professional grade tank, it makes technical support difficult. There are certain variables like water temperature, circulation and filtration that will be different. If you are operating out of a professional tank, we can identify and help you fine tune these settings and determine the root cause of the problem, and ensure you are able to produce a quality product.

Is there someone in my area doing this process?

Usually the answer is no, but sometimes it's going to be yes. What most people don't realize though, is that most of the time it's a non-issue. Because this process can be done on pretty much any hard surfaced part, the possibilities of different products and industries to approach is endless. You could have three processors on the same street, all specializing in different industries, or even within one industry specializing in different niches. And competition can be a good thing, it makes you work harder to stand out and elevates the status quo for everybody.

What happens if I'm having trouble with the water immersion process and don't know what to do?

E-mail us pictures or video, and from there we can talk to you and identify what you need to do differently. We even make ourselves available at night and on weekends, because we want to help you be successful.