Liquid Print provides our customers the most in depth training program available in the industry. Once your Hydrographic equipment is purchased, many different levels of the process will be demonstrated. You will be able to choose which water transfer processes will best meet your needs. We also build custom systems to suit specific needs. You will be trained on the exact same style of equipment you purchased by the most knowledgeable technicians in the industry.

Training is offered in one or two day programs, depending on what is needed and is included in your purchase. You will have the opportunity to learn the process from beginning prep to finish coating. Customers who are already experienced in the water transfer process may prefer not to participate, but we encourage all customers to learn the entire professional process. To cater the experience to your needs, and address specific concerns you may have, the entire training lasts two days. Feel free to learn at your own speed with our patient and knowledgeable trainers.

When you purchase an automated system, we provide training and installation at your facility for no additional charge except room and board. We also offer complete phone consultation at no charge during our regular business hours. We can also provide additional training at your facility for an additional charge.

We apologize, but due to insurance regulations, only individuals over the age of eighteen are allowed in the shop.

Prime Coat - Training
Touch Up - Training
Prime Coating - Training
Buffing - Training