Liquid Print Presents: Black River

Liquid Print Inc. is proud to present:
"Fall Oak" by Black River Outdoors

Black River Outdoors designs and creates batter camouflage patterns from the ground up. The perfect mix of color, light and shadow, all designed to effectively blur the line between the human silhouette and natural elements. Black River Camouflage is the new science of modern camouflage development. The second you see a Black River pattern, you know this is what you've been looking for: a photo-realistic blend with nature.

Black River patterns (available through Liquid Print), let you live the look and richness of the best mother nature has to offer, in your home or camp, office, SUV and closet. Our patterns reproduce on just about any surface imaginable.

The recomended basecoat for Fall Oak is tan. (White can also be used for a more vibrant look.)

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