Timber Tantrum – RC-615

Timber Tantrum Muddy Water (Full) Film-RC-615

Liquid Print Inc. is proud to present: Timber Tantrum by Muddy Water

Two sizes: Full and Reduced

Timber Tantrum by Muddy Water Camo is is now available for purchase in two sizes: Full and reduced. This exciting new crossover camo pattern incorporates trees, water, and reflections, and is ideal for hunting waterfowl or whitetail. Tmber Tantrum (Reduced) is the same high-definition camouflage pattern scaled down for smaller objects. Now items like duck calls, cell phone cases, pocket knives and other small items can benefit from the smaller repeating pattern. Available exclusively from Liquid Print.

Both Timber Tantrum patterns are 1 meter wide and designed to work with a tan base.

Purchase Timber Tantrum (Full) from our online store.

Purchase Timber Tantrum (Reduced) from our online store.

Or, call in your order during business hours at 903-939-3369. You can purchase any of our films online.

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