LP 3DAT-500 Automatic Printing Machine

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LP 3DAT-500 Specifications:

Exterior system size: 30’ X 5’
50cm film constant flow system
Automated activating flow system
Tricon console controlled adjustable dipping system
Processing area: 24” X 3’ utilizing the Tricon system
Processing area: 24” X 10’ removing the Tricon system
Water capacity: 628 US Gallons
Weight of water: 5,200 pounds
Roll-On Airless Activator System
Digital Touch Screen Programming
Multi-Adjustable Triangle Conveyor
Energy Efficient Design
Printing Cycle: 6-9 jigs per revolution
Electric : 220
2 Day On-Site Training by Manufacturer

Optional: LP 3DAT-500-A: Automated activating later system. Adapts the automated flow system into a semi-auto processing system.