Sapphire Blue Metallic Paint


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Sapphire Blue Metallic Paint – Water Based Metallic

In the past you had to be a professional shop if you wanted to purchase this quality of paint, which has been specifically formulated and designed for the rigorous demands of the hydrographics procedure. As many of you who have dipped your first parts already know, if you use a spray can, or even high quality automotive paint, it is going to contain solvent based paint. While there’s nothing wrong with this in itself, it does make the window you have to dip your part shrink to about 2 or 3 hours. Many people will base a part and let it dry overnight believing it to be better, only to discover their dip turned bad. Waiting too long with solvent based paint is the problem. Our water based paint fixes this problem! If so inclined, you could base a part with our water based paint and leave it on the shelf for a year. As long as it didn’t get scuffed and was painted correctly, you could take it straight from the shelf to the tank with zero extra prep work.